Activities with Vhildren in Nature

Adults and children are becoming more and more disconnected from nature. The more urban rhythm of life, technological hyper development, and the little free time that we have due to our jobs and studies mean that we no longer enjoy nature and take advantage of all the benefits that this entails.

The little ones, being in contact with the natural environment, obtain many benefits both on a cognitive and physical level. In addition, the activities that take place in this environment help children to become aware of nature and learn to take care of it, now that it is in a delicate situation and we must do everything we can to achieve change. The activities in nature let kids experiment and play, all important when it comes to improving their cognitive development.

Now that we are immersed in autumn, we propose these activities to do with children in nature, although, really, they can be carried out at any time of the year, in family plans or as with school activities:

  • Entomologists to power!: turn the little ones into insect researchers. You only need a magnifying glass and perhaps a camera in case you want to take photos of them and then, at home, review the different species that they have discovered that day.
  • Produce your own air fresheners: in nature, there are many aromatic plants. The activity consists of identifying which are the most fragrant bushes and picking up some twigs, in this way the development of smell is also promoted. Once at home, a cloth bag is made to put in the lavender or rosemary that has been brought from the field. The house will be filled with incredible natural smells!
  • Build your own nest! While walking through the countryside it is possible to explain to the little ones the elements necessary to build a nest. The ones we will need will be branches, leaves, grass, flowers, etc. In addition, you can also use a plate or bowl to shape the nest and even get some decorative eggs to put in the nest once it is finished. With this construction, respect for nature is encouraged, in addition to enhancing the sense of touch thanks to the different textures of the materials.
  • Orient yourself with the sky: if it is possible to get away from the cities leaving behind the light pollution, and the destination is the outskirts, it is possible to enjoy a starry sky. In this way, it is fun to show the little ones the stars and constellations and, even, be vigilant in case it is possible to see a shooting star!

There are many activities with children that can be done in nature and that will help them develop skills that, if not done in this environment, would not be fully developed. This plan is perfect to do with educational excursions with schools, taking advantage of all these activities that are very positive for their development. Ask for more information by filling in the following form and we will contact you right away!