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Early Childhood Education Activities

Children from 3 to 6 years old really enjoy the early childhood education activities and games designed for them. Although this small audience still does not have homework or exams in school, we are convinced that they can learn a lot, if they receive learning in the way they know best: playing.

Among the activities for early childhood education, Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon has historical programs such as “Roman life” or “Prehistory and Archeology” and non-historical programs such as “Classroom in nature” or “Multi games and multisport”, among others.

At Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon we also have custom-developed school activities for kindergarten children, ranging from stories of pirates, scientists or dragons, to storytelling activities, puppets, or circuses.

The creative pedagogy that characterizes Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon immerses the child in a special world and story, they play and interact with actors making them live unique experiences that become unforgettable first-hand.

A picture is worth a thousand words and an experience is worth a thousand pictures. Children learn more by playing than studying, that is why at Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon we propose early childhood education activities that represent an experience for children, where they can touch, look, ask, have fun and learn what they have previously seen in class.

At Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon we don’t just want children to learn theoretical knowledge. The Children are at a stage of growth and development so we seek to create activities for children’s education that encourage the curiosity of children, involving a reflection leaving ample room for personal creation. In this way, we promote respect for all opinions, tastes, or aspirations of others.

And of course, we seek creativity. The development of school activities for children that propose the resolution of problems from different angles and points of view, teaching students the importance of doubting and losing the fear of being wrong.

School Activities For Primary

When students enter primary school their learning becomes difficult. There are already exams and homework and it is important to continue developing imagination and personal growth, which is why at Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon we develop our own series of activities for primary school students.

Thanks to the work of a group of pedagogues, who know well the educational system and the characteristics of primary school children, we have created our primary school activities.  From history, natural sciences, or language, the activities for elementary students that we carry out are intended to encourage and strengthen the learning of the same subjects that are given in school.

Among the activities for primary school students, Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon has historical programs such as “Roman life”, “Al-Andalus” “Medieval” or “The Baroque” and non-historical programs such as “School of spies”, “Rally photos ”or“ The bike story. ” Fun, creativity, and learning are guaranteed in all our activities.

There are activities of all kinds both indoors and outdoors. Some can be carried out within the facilities of the school itself, in historical ruins, museums, or outdoors.

At Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon we propose a series of live activities, open to dialogue, where creativity, effort, motivation, and knowledge are fused with fun and play. In them, the students have to enhance their effort feeling respected at all times for the appreciation of their own creations and those of their classmates. In all of our activities for elementary students, great importance is attached to expressive moments, encouraging students to ask and comment on everything that catches their attention.

And of course, as always, we seek to encourage creativity in all our primary school activities. Children are in the process of growth and training and we must not limit the attraction they naturally feel to knowing and exploring new things.

School activities for High School

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High school is a difficult stage for students in schools and institutes. Adolescence begins and with it, personal conflicts in which the child/adolescent faces a very strong change. Learning is much more difficult. Exams and assignments are increasing, and in many centers, less space is left for creativity. We support the constant enrichment of the imagination with our secondary school activities. Not because they are older, they must abandon their instincts.

Although they are already more adolescents than children, we have known how to adapt our school activities to the corresponding age.

High school kids still have fun playing games and also develop curiosity and a desire to learn.

The teachings of this course can be combined with school activities for secondary school. Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon programs are adapted to the age and conditions of the students, therefore the game will be according to their abilities and maturity.

Our team of professionals is in charge of designing activities for secondary school children, always respecting the values ​​of our creative pedagogy. History, social or natural sciences, language or pure sciences, are some of the subjects that are strengthened through the work of Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon.

The most outstanding activities that we carry out for secondary school students are “Photographic Rally”, “Multigames” or “Discovery”, among others.

We are also experts in organizing events; theming; end-of-year or Christmas parties, or educational or leisure excursions to rest from day to day and do different things with classmates. Cultural activities for schools that high school boys also enjoy.