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Fun Science®

Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon offers a unique and interactive way for children between 3 and 12 years of age to Learn Having fun with our exclusive programs, designed to develop imagination and stimulate interest in values, science, and the environment from early childhood education to secondary. When children are able to clearly establish a connection to the world around them, they develop a solid foundation for future learning.


Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon Fun Science programs are designed with different appropriate formats to offer a comprehensive schedule of school outings, we want to help, on the one hand, the educational centers and their teachers, both the Complete Curriculum and, in the Integral Management of the Activities Service You would complete.

Our programs bring the most Innovative School Visits in Aurora.

Below we propose three formulas for the 2021/2022 Course to carry out your Complementary Outings, having in the lower menu a greater detail of them:


We have created a program composed of workshops in the classroom on topics related to the Environment and the preservation of nature and its resources aimed at students from 3 to 12 years old and to be carried out in the educational center itself.


Our educational projects are made up of 3 different activities to be carried out throughout the 2021/2022 school year, each of them adapted to the age of the participants from Kindergarten to Primary 6, with an exceptional price. For this course we have two projects, which would be integrated in the three quarters of the school year, these being an Environmental Education Program and an Education in Values ​​Program.


Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon has adapted two spaces of great value to carry out educational activities in the excursions carried out by the Schools in Oregon, these are:


The laboratories that we have created, take the Museum of Science and Technology to your Educational Center, in them the participants can interact with the exhibition elements, in addition to having fun doing the experiments, activities, programming, education in values ​​… and much more!!!!!!