Who We Are


Created in 2014, Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon is born from the common observations shared by enthusiasts of the educational question.

The adventure begins with a desire to reduce inequalities in access to quality educational content depending on the territory, to bring audiences and experts face to face capable of adapting their discourse to the participants, and to propose activities including the cost corresponds to the budgetary realities of educational structures.

Faced with the dysfunctions of external providers, the fatalism of certain educational actors in the field, and the cruel need to renew educational responses; the need to offer a device became obvious.

Supported by discussions with stakeholders in the field, and findings shared with certain stakeholders, the platform was born. The website now lists more than 50 activities organized in families and developed for each age group, and for varying durations of intervention.


Educational School Activities- Aurora Oregon aims to make a quality play and educational content accessible to as many people as possible, the costs of which are consistent with the budgetary realities of the structures, in order to reduce territorial inequalities. In order to make this cultural contribution ever more accessible, we choose to recruit and train our speakers so that their attitude and their discourse are as adapted as possible to the audiences they meet.

Our ambition is to build educational proposals that take into account the profound changes in our society and the incentive to consume with which young people are confronted, the social and digital divides that constrain certain populations, particularly with regard to access. Information, the variability of school rhythms in the territory, the financing difficulties with which a good number of educational structures must deal on a daily basis.

Promote access to educational leisure activities and culture for all

-Build ambitious interventions

-Practice consistent prices

  • Promote the public through the acquisition of know-how

-We enroll in “new education”

-Promote the participation of young people in their leisure time and in their knowledge

Support educational actors in their educational approaches

-Adapt our proposals to the diagnoses of educational actors

-Set up our workshops with rigor and integrity


  • Unite all socio-educational players around a common project.
  • Support the teams with an educational response adapted to the needs of the public.
  • Involve stakeholders in the social and educational responsibility of the system.
  • Communicate transparently with our contacts.
  • Communicate and exchange to share our practices and ideas together.
  • Contribute to educational projects that will make children the adults of tomorrow