Your San Diego One-Stop Child Care Center

For any building to be stable for long, the foundation must be strong enough. This principle also applies to the education and development of a person, which is why child education is encouraged. Taking your child to a professional child care institution can guarantee you certified early childhood education. The child care center will have the right skills and experience to handle and educate your kids.

The Vine Preschool Care Center is a recognized early childhood center in San Diego, California, and it specializes in offering special care services to children and infants. The center focuses on developing children educationally, emotionally, and socially.

What Makes Us Special?

• We understand children/infants

Our organization specializes in understanding the growth and development of infants and children. That way, we know the best way to deliver our top-notch care services to young kids. We will take care of your child and help them grow intellectually, physically, and socially. Our professionals also deal with infants who are as young as six weeks.

• We educate and nurture

We do not only offer learning lessons and send your kids home, neither do we just let them play and call it a day. Instead, we ensure that your kids have received the right care, and education needed for their ultimate growth and development. We offer language and literacy training, social development, creative expressions, math, science, balance, and coordination, among others. Your child will grow in every relevant area of their life.

• We are affordable

Just because we offer top-notch child care services doesn’t mean that you should break the bank to hire us. We offer affordable packages to take care of your child, and you can be sure of being comfortable with the variety of our packages. Also, for an extra $15 a week, we will provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack for your child.

• We are BBB-Accredited

Our center has been accredited by BBB with an A+ rating due to our unmatched child care services. Also, our profound customer care support ranks us among the leading child care centers in San Diego

• We are locally-based

We have two well-established offices in San Diego; the infant care center is at 6705 Linda Vista Road, while the Preschool Center is on 2130 Ulric Street. Each center is easily accessible to any San Diego local.

All our offices are open every weekday from 6:00 is to 6:00 pm. This way, you can comfortably rush to work as you leave your children in our care. At The Vine Learning Center, you will find Infant and Pre-K services in San Diego County, you can be confident of your child having progressive growth in every appropriate perspective. We are affordable, professional, and ever-reliable.